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WORKSHOP: Ignite Your Social Media

At TKL Media, they understand that your brand story is best told when it has original photos, engaging videos, well-written posts and community interaction. Social media is the perfect platform to build a relationship with the public in an open, honest, transparent way!

Creating engaging content for your brand is not done with just simple pictures. Using an influencer’s approach for social media allows you to build a relationship with your community, which is the best way you can tell your brand story and communicate what it is you can do for them.

In this workshop, you will learn the most important parts of social media and why online communities are the future of business.




Sarah Lajeunesse, TKL Media

Sarah started her career as a videographer at Rogers TV in Barrie and quickly found success as a reporter at A Channel in Barrie. She then relocated to Vancouver for a few years before coming home and working at City News and Silverpoint Media.

Apryl Munro, TKL Media

Apryl started her career as a summer student at The New VR when she was 18. That’s a long time ago! She climbed the ladder at Rogers TV and then landed at Breakfast Television as Associate Producer. Professionally she achieved all her career dreams) but she missed her son) Cooper) while she worked long hours and commuted through the night. She is also a successful wedding photographer of 16 years.



Moderator: Paul Markle, Barrie Chamber of Commerce


– Sarah Lajeunesse, TKL Media

– Apryl Munro, TKL Media

00:03 – PRESENTATION – Ignite Your Socials

– 00:05 – Planning & Posting

– 00:10 – Content

– 00:19 – Writing

– 00:22 – Engagement

– 00:25 – Trends & Algorithms

– 00:30 – Hashtags & Growth

– 00:34 – LinkedIn Best Practices

– 00:36 – Stories

00:38 – Q&A

– 00:38 – Is TikTok important for business?

– 00:40 – How far in advance should I plan?

– 00:42 – How scripted should I be?

– 00:45 – Is there a difference in the music allowed for business accounts vs personal accounts?

– 00:47 – How do you measure ROI on social media?

– 00:50 – How many hashtags should I use?

– 00:52 – Boosting vs ads

– 00:54 – What about YouTube?

– 00:57 – Which platform should I focus on?

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