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The Busby Centre; Launches Capital Campaign Press Release

Busby Centre


The Busby Centre Launches Capital Campaign:
Collaborating for a Stronger Community
Addressing Homelessness and Strengthening the Community.

BARRIE, ON July 24th, 2023 - The Busby Centre is thrilled to unveil its legacy capital campaign, "At the Busby Centre, Everybody is Somebody," to enhance impactful partnerships and reduce the impact of homelessness in Barrie, ON, while building a stronger community.

Homelessness is a complex social challenge that requires a comprehensive approach beyond mere shelter provision. Recognizing this, The Busby Centre is dedicated to impacting the root causes of homelessness while providing essential basic needs support to those experiencing homelessness in our community. Our vision extends beyond offering a place to sleep; we aim to empower our citizens experiencing homelessness to forge their shortest path from homelessness to housing.

Located at 88 Mulcaster Street, The Busby Centre has been a landing space and community of support for individuals and families living in deep poverty and experiencing homelessness. However, the growing demand for our services has resulted in overcrowding within our current space and programming. To create a genuine impact and cater to the community's evolving needs, The Busby Centre has set a goal to acquire 88 and 90 Mulcaster Street.

We will continue to provide and enhance our comprehensive array of services, including:

  • Community Social Service Collaborative - Enhancing partnerships with community organizations and groups providing services on and off-site to continue current and implement new initiatives that promote health, security and wellness. These services include but are not limited to housing services, health and wellness services, justice services, income security and food security.
  • Program Expansion - Offering more extensive programming space to support our community's needs and interests.
  • Climate-Controlled Spaces - Creating warming and cooling spaces to ensure the comfort and safety of individuals during extreme weather conditions.
  • Increased Bed Capacity - Expanding our bed capacity to accommodate more individuals seeking refuge from the elements. As well as explore the development of short-term transitional housing units on-site.
  • On-Site Meal Services - Providing nutritious and regular meal services to address immediate food insecurity needs.
  • Hygiene and Shower Facilities - Ensuring access to essential hygiene facilities for personal care and well-being.
  • Work Opportunities - volunteer and paid opportunities for service users.

We invite our generous community members and businesses to join us in this vital effort. By contributing to our capital campaign, you can help us achieve our goal of raising two point two million dollars, building a stronger community where everybody is valued and supported.

"Caring for our community is not just about providing a place to sleep; it's about breaking down system barriers and supporting the shortest path from homelessness to housing. Through our 'Busby Centre, Everybody is Somebody' capital campaign; we aim to forge impactful partnerships that address the effects of homelessness head-on while strengthening our community. Together, we can make a genuine difference and create a future where everybody has a place to call home." - Sara Peddle, Executive Director of The Busby Centre.

The Busby Centre firmly believes that through partnerships and collective efforts, we can make a lasting impact in addressing homelessness and supporting those in need. Our facility ownership will enhance our services' effectiveness and create new opportunities for individuals and families to break free from the cycle of homelessness.

For more information about the Busby Centre Capital Campaign or to schedule an interview or a tour of the Busby Centre, please contact:

Louise Jackson
Communications and Major Donor Director
Support Our Capital Campaign


About The Busby Centre:

The Busby Centre is a community not-for-profit organization working non judgmentally to advocate for and improve conditions for individuals and families within South Georgian Bay and the County of Simcoe experiencing homelessness or at imminent risk.

We focus on reducing the impact of poverty, homelessness, insufficient employment, addiction, and mental health challenges through various services along the housing continuum. From street outreach, drop-in and shelter services to our trustee, peer development and programs, we aim to remain housing focused, as housing is a right for all.

The Barrie Chamber of Commerce is a proud community partner with our local organizations and charities.

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