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2024 Pre-Budget Informal Breakfast with Minister Peter Bethlenfalvy

(Barrie, ON) - January 11, 2024

The Province seeks ideas from workers, families, business owners and communities on what is needed and what they want to see in the 2024 Budget.

Minister of Finance Peter Bethlenfalvy requested the Barrie Chamber of Commerce host a breakfast for Ministers and MPP’s involved in the Pre-Budget Consultations, to have an opportunity to meet with key stakeholders in an informal setting, leading into the formal portion of the day.

What an incredible morning! We wrapped up our Pre-Budget Breakfast, and it's hard not to feel a little starstruck. A massive shoutout to Minister of Finance Peter Bethlenfalvy for spearheading such an engaging discussion. It’s not every day you get to have breakfast with not one but several outstanding leaders!

Thank you to Attorney General Doug Downey, Minister Andrea Khanjin, Minister Caroline Mulroney, Minister Jill Dunlop, MPP Brian Saunderson, and Mayor Alex Nuttall. Your dedication was as energizing as the coffee!

And how can we forget? A heartfelt farewell to Rocco Rossi, the driving force behind the Ontario Chamber of Commerce. Your dedication and passion have been nothing short of inspiring. The entire Chamber network is forever in your debt.

To our elected officials, thanks for being so approachable and for genuinely listening. Conversations like these make us feel heard and connected to the bigger picture. We appreciate the opportunity to present the Barrie Business Community's needs and advocate on their behalf.

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Thank you to photographer Elliott Impact Media and Upsight & Sound for our AV today.

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