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Unlocking Opportunities: The Benefits of Participating

The Benefits of Participating in the Barrie Chamber Business Awards and Women in Business Awards

The Barrie Chamber Business Awards and the Women in Business Awards provide a prestigious platform to recognize and celebrate the remarkable achievements of leaders in the business community. For nominees, the journey from nomination to the awards gala is not just an event but a transformative experience brimming with numerous benefits for personal and professional growth.

This opportunity is available to any business within the geographical confines of the Greater Barrie Area, or, members of the Barrie Chamber of Commerce. Members have proven their dedication and investment into Barrie as a whole.

The entire process is free to participate in for all - from nomination to the declaration of the winner.

What Each Participant Level Receives


  • Self-Recognition: An opportunity to reflect on and document achievements and progress over the past year – a true exercise in self-assessment and introspection.
  • Acknowledgement: Recognition by a member of the public for you, or your business’s contributions, is an honour that deserves gratitude.
  • Engagement in the community: Use the nomination as inspiration to engage with the community and reciprocate by nominating another respected business or individual.

Finalists (plus above):

  • Press Reception and Media Exposure: All finalists are invited to join a press reception where they’ll be publicly announced.
    • This will provide an opportunity to meet fellow finalists and award sponsors.
    • This achievement will be highlighted in a press release that will be distributed to all media outlets.
  • Individual Promotion: Dedicated social media posts and a prominent listing on the Barrie Chamber’s website.
  • All finalists are recognized in the event program at the gala, ensuring each finalist receives acknowledgement for their accomplishments.
  • Professional Video Production: A professionally produced, one-minute video showcasing the finalist's achievements
    • Video premiered at the awards gala in front of an audience of over 300.
    • A copy of individual videos are available upon request by the finalist.

Winners (plus all of the above):

  • Award Presentation: Winners are presented with a physical award on stage at the gala, followed by an interview with our MC’s in front of local dignitaries and the Barrie business community.
  • Enhanced Media Exposure: An additional press release specifically highlighting the winners, along with professional photos from the event to media outlets.
  • Continued Promotion: Winners receive continued exposure through post-event social media posts and are featured in the Barrie Chamber’s annual directory.
  • Lasting Recognition: Acknowledgment on the Chamber’s website as an award recipient ensures lasting recognition, solidifying their reputation within the business community.

Recognition and Visibility

Accepting a nomination for either the Business Awards or the Women in Business Awards means stepping into the spotlight—a chance to showcase your hard work and accomplishments over the past year. This process is not merely about aiming for a trophy; it's a valuable exercise in self-recognition and taking stock of your progress and contributions. Each nominee’s story is celebrated, and their professional narrative is shared across multiple platforms, enriching their professional profile.

Transparent Judging

We are proud to share that our panel of judges hails from the Ontario chamber network as well as diverse sectors of the business community. To maintain the utmost fairness and transparency, the judges are not privy to the identities of their fellow panelists or their respective assignments.

We've chosen to conduct all evaluations through Awardify, a user-friendly and secure awards management platform designed in Canada. Not only does Awardify bolster the integrity of our selection process, but it also ensures that each submitted entry receives the rigorous review it deserves.

To further enhance the transparency of our process, categories are allocated with specific review mechanisms to eliminate any potential conflicts of interest. Each category undergoes evaluation by three distinct judges. The average scores from these evaluations will then determine our esteemed winners. We're committed to a fair and open process, and we appreciate your trust in us.

Dedicated Promotional Efforts

After the voting concludes, the excitement peaks at a press reception where the top three finalists in each category are announced. This pivotal moment marks the beginning of extensive media coverage. A press reception and media release announcing the finalists is distributed to all major media outlets and shared across the Barrie Chamber's robust social media network, including Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and X/Twitter. This exposure can significantly enhance a nominee's professional reputation and open doors to new business opportunities.

In addition to media coverage, each finalist benefits from individual promotional efforts. The Barrie Chamber commits to highlighting each finalist on social media and their official website. This personalized attention helps build your brand, enhance your business’s visibility, and connect with a broader audience.

Professional Multimedia Presentation

A key highlight for finalists of both the Barrie Business Awards and the Women in Business Awards is the professionally produced video showcased at the awards gala. These videos not only enhance the gala experience but also serve as a lasting tribute to the finalists' achievements. They provide valuable marketing content that can be shared with clients, colleagues, and within professional networks. The full videos are uploaded to the Barrie Chamber’s YouTube channel following the gala and a copy of is available upon request by the finalist for their personal or professional use.

The Gala and Beyond

The culmination of the awards process is the gala event, where winners are announced and celebrated. Winning an award is a milestone in a career, providing a hallmark of credibility and prestige that distinguishes winners within the Barrie business community. The recognition extends beyond the night of the gala, with professional photos, further social media promotion, and a permanent place in the Chamber’s history through inclusion in the annual directory and their website.

The networking opportunities provided through participation in both awards are unparalleled. The gala and associated events serve as prime venues to meet and connect with other business leaders, potential mentors, and industry peers. These interactions can lead to collaborative opportunities, mentorship, and expanded professional networks, enriching the entire business community.

Join the Next Round of Nominations

Nominations for the Barrie Business Awards open in June, with the Women in Business Awards following in November. This is a prime opportunity to acknowledge and celebrate the significant contributions of businesses in our community.

Why not nominate a business that has made an impact? Or, if you're proud of your own company's achievements, consider entering the competition yourself. The recognition from winning could be just the boost your business needs.

The Barrie Chamber Business Awards and the Women in Business Awards are not merely accolades; they are catalysts for growth, providing recognition and opening doors to new opportunities. By participating, you not only celebrate your achievements but also contribute to the vibrant network of business leaders in Barrie.

We urge all entrepreneurs and business leaders to seek nominations or get involved. Experience the transformative benefits firsthand and join us in fostering a thriving business community in Barrie!

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