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2024 Barrie Chamber Annual Report

Barrie Chamber of Commerce:

2023 / 2024 has been characterized by advocacy, the launch of initiatives and the strengthening of ties with our community partners. Our endeavors have led to an expansion of membership benefits tailored to meet the requirements of Barrie businesses. Our dedication to offering assistance in line with our core mission has never been more apparent.


To champion economic growth and quality of life by advocating for business priorities, promoting collaboration, and helping members grow.


To foster a vibrant and economically sustainable region that is driven by an innovative, successful and ever-expanding business community.

Advocacy at the Barrie Chamber of Commerce in 2023/2024

Policy Resolutions: Collaborated on four policy resolutions now included in the Ontario Chamber of Commerce (OCC) compendium, focusing on business and community matters.

Social Issues Working Group: Co-Chair of the Ontario Chamber Network "Social Issues Working Group" to advocate for solutions to business challenges. Social issues ARE business issues.

Ontario Chamber Advocacy Council (OCAC): A seat on the council; provincial advocacy through the OCAC, influencing policies that benefit businesses across Canada.

Advocacy Day at Queen's Park: Directly engaged with leaders to present the priorities of the Barrie business community and push for supportive policies.

Roundtables and Letters of Support: Contributed to discussions on housing and homelessness, offering support for initiatives through letters at all levels of government, across the country.

Pre-Budget Breakfast: Hosted a Pre-Budget Breakfast with Provincial Ministers and MP’s to ensure the concerns of the Barrie business community was heard during budget talks.

These efforts demonstrate our dedication to creating a thriving business environment while addressing social issues that impact our society as a whole.


Barrie Business Awards 2023

The Barrie Business Awards recognize businesses' contributions to community progress and prosperity. The latest addition, the Leadership in Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Award, acknowledges dedication to diversity and collaboration. The 21st Annual Barrie Business Awards Gala took place on November 2nd, 2023, at Liberty North.

Women In Business Awards 2024

A special luncheon honoring women leaders in Barrie was hosted on March 7th, 2024. The "Heart and Soul" award was transformed into the Community Impact Award, recognizing individuals aiding those in need within Barrie. The newly established Healthcare Hero Award honors healthcare professionals' dedication to our community's well-being.

49th Annual Spring Classic Golf Tournament

On June 12th at Bear Creek Golf Club, the tournament was shifted from Fall to Spring, with the Canadian Forces Snowbirds practicing for the Barrie Airshow. This event provided a relaxed atmosphere for casual play and exceptional networking opportunities, allowing participants to connect and collaborate.

Barrie Santa Claus Parade

A new parade route was introduced to prioritize safety by avoiding construction zones and bus intersections. Residents gathered to enjoy the cherished event, spreading holiday cheer and celebrating local connections. We eagerly anticipate hosting the 75th Barrie Santa Claus Parade in 2024, celebrating this milestone with enthusiastic community participation.

Member Events

Our member hosted events have seen an increased level of support over the past year. By embracing functions available to us via our CRM, members are able to share their events on our public calendar. This has created better engagement with our members as well as opportunities for them to reach out directly to our business community.

Member Accolades

The Barrie Chamber newsletter received a new design and focus. Once a month, we generate our “Proud Member” edition - showcasing our new and returning members from the previous month. Ensuring that all of our members are highlighted annually and brought forward to the membership.

This edition also features Member Announcements. Our members are a highly accomplished community of professionals. There’s no end to the accolades, awards, expansions and new initiatives that you’ve all shared with us. We’re proud to join in congratulating you all on your achievements and celebrating your wins along side of you.

Member Benefits, New Initiatives

We implemented the Chamber Perks App to enhance your membership benefits with the Barrie Chamber of Commerce. This app offers access to a variety of discounts and perks both locally and across Canada, helping you save money and access exclusive deals.

Our goal in offering the Chamber Perks App is to support your business growth and engagement. The app provides valuable savings and opportunities to increase your visibility and connect with a broader network, making your membership even more beneficial.

The Georgian College and Barrie Chamber of Commerce have launched the Collaborative Innovation Program, connecting local businesses with Georgian College students to tackle business challenges. This collaboration provides businesses with fresh, innovative solutions and gives students practical experience. The partnership aims to strengthen ties between education and industry in Barrie, driving economic development and enhancing the local business landscape.


We are deeply grateful for the unwavering commitment of our Board of Directors. Despite their busy schedules and personal obligations, they have chosen to dedicate their time, skills, and knowledge to the betterment of our community through the Barrie Chamber. Their contributions have been pivotal in driving our initiatives and achieving our mission.

Our board members bring passion, insight, experience, and resources to the table, all in service of our members, leading our organization, and impacting positive change in our community.

We extend our sincere thanks to all the businesses that support the Chamber, our incredible ambassadors, and each person who has dedicated their time to serve on our board.

To our outgoing Directors:

  • Sandy Tuckey
  • Stephanie Gourlie

We wish you the very best in your future endeavours. Thank you for your time and commitment to the Barrie Chamber of Commerce and business community.


  • Rychard Lardner, President
  • Salim Bardai, 1st VP
  • Sandy Tuckey, 2nd VP
  • Andy Gubbels, Treasurer
  • Bruce MacGillivray, Secretary
  • Stephanie Gourlie, Past President
  • Paul Markle, Executive Director
  • Teena Sauve, Director
  • Amber Bunnett, Director
  • Robert Galloway, Director
  • Leah Smith-Size, Director
  • Barbara White, Director
  • Robert Newman, Director
  • Sarah Dobson, Director


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