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We’ve Partnered With BarterPay!

We’ve Partnered With BarterPay!

Barter what you have. Get what you need. Give what you can.


What is BarterPay®?

BarterPay® works with thousands of business owners, helping them barter their business supplies and services, so they can maintain the tools they need without using cash!

Why is this important?

Nearly every business has a surplus of supplies and services that are not being monetized, wasting massive amounts of money and resources each year.

By joining BarterPay®, a closed-loop bartering community, you can exchange expiring time and idle inventory for value, from brand new customers, while simultaneously obtaining the thing you need for your business, all the while keeping your hard earned cash in the bank.

Why should I, a Barrie Chamber Member, sign up?

Members of the Barrie Chamber of Commerce who choose to take advantage of this affinity offer will create a profile and get full access to BarterPay®’s directory, outlining all of the different businesses they can barter with. Subsequently, members will be paired with a BarterPay® coach, who will work with each individual business and provide one on one support. The coach’s role is to help business owners take full advantage of the network in order to both sell their existing products and services while purchasing the things they need.

We want to see our members excel in their businesses, find the tools and resources they need, and save money and time!

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