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Advocacy for Business

Amplifying the Voice of Barrie Businesses

Advocacy is a key function of the Barrie Chamber of Commerce. We are connected with local elected officials to bring your issues forward and find actionable solutions. Tell us about the challenges you are facing in your business, and check back regularly for updates on our initiatives and programs!

Tell Us About Your Challenges

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Mind the Gap: Addressing the Mental Health and Addictions Echo Pandemic

Small and Medium-Size Businesses Face Outsized Challenges Due to Mental Health “Echo Pandemic”   FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE  (Toronto – October 17, 2023) – Ontario’s small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are facing the negative effects of declining employee and community mental health as a result of what experts are calling the mental health “echo pandemic.” Today, the…

Small Businesses at the Heart of the Innovation Economy

Small Businesses at the Heart of the Innovation Economy NEWS RELEASE  (Barrie & Simcoe County – October 16, 2023) - Small businesses have always been the backbone of Ontario’s economy, a driving force behind innovation and economic growth in the province. These resilient enterprises generate new ideas, create jobs and foster community resilience. This year, the…

Ontario Economic Report Fall 2023 Survey

The Barrie Chamber of Commerce and the Ontario Chamber of Commerce (OCC) are looking for your insights on issues that matter to your businesses. How confident are you in Ontario’s economy and your organization’s outlook? What should governments prioritize to drive economic growth?       Your participation in our annual Business Confidence Survey is as important as…

Increase to Ontario’s Minimum Wage Oct. 1st

Ontario Chamber of Commerce Statement: Starting Sunday, October 1, Ontario’s minimum wage will increase from $15.50 to $16.55 per hour. This is a scheduled increase that takes place every October. The Ontario Chamber of Commerce is supportive of scheduled increases so that businesses have time to plan. What businesses value most, is predictability. When the increases…

Small Business, BIG IDEAS

Small Business Week October 15 to 21, 2023 Small businesses have always been the backbone of Simcoe County community and economy. Against the compounding challenges of the pandemic, these very businesses continue to develop new ideas, create more jobs, and facilitate community resilience.  As part of the annual Small Business Week’s Small Business, Big Ideas…

Workplace Safety & Prevention Services

Supporting Healthy & Safe Workplaces in Ontario August 2023   Every employer and worker shares responsibility for occupational health and safety. At Workplace Safety & Prevention Services (WSPS), we’re here to provide you with the information and support you need to work safely. WSPS is a not-for-profit organization offering health and safety expertise and resources…

Use Your Voice

Ontario Chamber of Commerce logo

Ontario Chamber of Commerce

The Ontario Chamber of Commerce represents over 56,000 Members through a network of 156 community Chambers of Commerce and Boards of Trade in addition to a growing corporate base. They serve both Community Chambers and Corporate Members in matters of provincial concern and provide a forum for discussion and the dissemination of views of our Members on matters of concern to the business community.

Canadian Chamber of Commerce logo

Canadian Chamber of Commerce

The Canadian Chamber of Commerce is the national leader in public policy advocacy on business issues. Their goal is to foster a strong, competitive economic environment that benefits Canada and all Canadians. Their customers reflect a strong, diverse network and include: chambers of commerce, boards of trade, corporate members, business associations – businesses of all sizes in all regions as well as non-members who purchase our products and services. They are the national and international voice for Canadian business.

Advocacy Committee

Committee Mandate

Policy Review: To follow legislative proposals at all levels of government and to offer input thereon in order to ensure that lawmakers recognize the needs and views of our constituency. To convey relevant legislative amendments to our constituency. To monitor issues of local interest and to report to the Board monthly.

Business Support: Establish the Chamber and the City of Barrie as a destination for existing and emerging businesses by offering access to resources, guidance and support.

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